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How To Pay Using Debit & Credit Card

No.Bill CategoryShortcodeBill Company NameOnline Bill Payment
1TelephonePTCLPakistan Telecommunications Company LimitedPTCL Online Bill Payment: Manage your bills with ease, enjoying a seamless and secure payment experience.
2GasSSGCSui Southern Gas CompanySSGC Online Bill Payment: Experience the ease of bill payments with Kuickpay. Securely manage your bills online.
3GasSNGPLSui Northern Gas Pipelines LimitedSNGPL Online Bill Payment: With Kuickpay, bill payments are more convenient than ever. Ensure timely payments.
4ElectricityKESCKarachi Electric Supply CompanyKE Online Bill Payment: Kuickpay offers a stress-free way to handle your bills online, ensuring timely payments.
5ElectricityFESCOFaisalabad Electric Supply CompanyFESCO Online Bill Payment: Simplify your bill payments with Kuickpay. A few clicks ensure your bills are managed swiftly.
6ElectricityGEPCOGujranwala Electric Power CompanyGEPCO Online Bill Payment: With Kuickpay, paying your bills becomes a breeze. Effortlessly manage your payments online.
7ElectricityHESCOHyderabad Electric Supply CompanyHESCO Online Bill Payment: Kuickpay transforms your bill payments into a smooth process. Handle your bills efficiently.
8ElectricityIESCOIslamabad Electric Supply CompanyIESCO Online Bill Payment: Streamline your bill payments with Kuickpay's platform. Quick, secure, and convenient.
9ElectricityLESCOLahore Electric Supply CompanyLESCO Online Bill Payment: Kuickpay enhances your bill payment experience. Conveniently pay your bills with a reliable service.
10ElectricityMEPCOMultan Electric Power CompanyMEPCO Online Bill Payment: Make bill payments effortlessly with Kuickpay. Our platform allows for quick, secure payments.
11ElectricityPEPCOPeshawar Electric Power CompanyPEPCO Online Bill Payment: Utilize Kuickpay for hassle-free bill payments. Our platform simplifies your bill management.
12ElectricityQESCOQuetta Electric Power CompanyQESCO Online Bill Payment: Pay your bills with ease using Kuickpay. Our platform ensures a quick and secure payment process.
13ElectricitySEPCOSukkur Electric Power CompanySEPCO Online Bill Payment: Kuickpay makes bill payments simple and efficient. Manage your bills with our secure platform.
14Water & SewerageKWSBKarachi Water And Sewerage BoardKWSB Online Bill Payment: Kuickpay brings ease to paying your bills online. Manage your payments with a secure platform.
15Water & SewerageLWASALahore Water And Sewerage AuthorityLWASA Online Bill Payment: Kuickpay offers a user-friendly solution for your water and sewerage bills.
16Water & SewerageRWASARawalpindi Water And Sanitation AgencyRWASA Online Bill Payment: Effortlessly manage your RWASA bills with Kuickpay. Secure and convenient bill payment.
17Water & SewerageMWASAMultan Water And Sanitation AgencyMWASA Online Bill Payment: Handle your Multan water and sanitation bills easily with Kuickpay's efficient service.
18Water & SewerageBWASABaluchistan Water And Sanitation AgencyBWASA Online Bill Payment: Kuickpay simplifies your BWASA bill payments, ensuring timely and hassle-free transactions.
19Water & SewerageFWASAFaisalabad Water And Sanitation AgencyFWASA Online Bill Payment: Pay your FWASA bills quickly and securely with Kuickpay, your online payment partner.
20Water & SewerageWSSPWater and Sanitation Services PeshawarWSSP Online Bill Payment: With Kuickpay, WSSP bill payments are more convenient than ever. Reliable and easy-to-use.
21Water & SewerageHyderabad WASAWater And Sanitation Agency, HyderabadHyderabad WASA Online Bill Payment: Manage your WASA bills in Hyderabad effortlessly with Kuickpay's reliable platform.
22Water & SewerageGWASAWater and Sanitation Agency GujranwalaGWASA Online Bill Payment: Kuickpay ensures a hassle-free payment experience for your GWASA bills.
23Water & SeweragePHED HaripurPublic Health Engineering Sub Division HaripurPHED Haripur Online Bill Payment: Streamline your PHED Haripur bill payments with the convenience of Kuickpay.