Frequently Asked Questions

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1What is Kuickpay?

Kuickpay is Pakistan's leading payment platform, offering a convenient and secure way to pay bills online. It is a major bill aggregator with 1Link’s bill payment system.

2How do I make payments using Kuickpay?

The primary method for making payments is through our dedicated Kuickpay’s Payment Portal; portal.kuickpay.com, where you can use debit or credit cards from anywhere in the world. Additionally, Kuickpay is connected to every major banks in Pakistan.

3What are Kuickpay's fees?

We offer various charging options, tailored to the needs of different merchants.

4Will I receive a receipt for my payment?

Yes, Kuickpay provides an email and SMS invoice for every transaction.

5How can I contact Kuickpay customer support?

Our Customer Care team is available 24/7 at +92 (0) 213 468 0218, +92 (0) 213 468 0219, +92 (0) 213 468 0220, or via Email: [email protected].

6How secure are my transactions with Kuickpay?

We use advanced, bank-level security measures to ensure the safety of your funds and information.

7What payment methods can I use with Kuickpay?

Our main payment channel is Kuickpay's Payment Portal. Additionally, payments can be made via Mobile Banking Apps, TCS, Easy Paisa, and more.

8Are there any hidden costs with Kuickpay?

There are no hidden fees, such as sign-up, annual, or subscription charges.

9How will I know when a bill is due?

Kuickpay notifies customers of new bills via email and SMS.

10Is my data safe with Kuickpay?

Your data is securely managed on our cloud-based platform.

11How will I know my payment was successful?

A confirmation email with the invoice will be sent after each payment.

12What if my biller hasn't received my payment?

Please contact Kuickpay for resolution.

13Can I access Kuickpay from outside Pakistan?

Yes, Kuickpay can be accessed globally, including via Roshan Digital Account.

14What should I do if a payment fails?

Contact our support team for immediate assistance.

15How do refunds work with Kuickpay?

Refunds are processed as per the Merchant Return Policy.