Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Kuickpay?
Kuickpay is a secure payment platform that provides an easy bill payment solution to its customers and supports businesses in digitizing payments in real time. The company is a bill aggregator enabled on 1Link’s bill payment system, available as a biller under bill payment/payment option on all banking apps.
2How are payments processed through Kuickpay?
Kuickpay is connected to Pakistan’s largest banking network via 1Link giving us access to over 30 major Banks of Pakistan.
3How much does it cost to work with Kuickpay?
We have two different streams of charges which may be applicable to you depending on what our Merchant has opted.
4Does Kuickpay provide phone support for customers?

Yes, our Customer Care team provides 24/7 multilingual phone support in English and Urdu. We may be contacted on +92-335-8425729 or [email protected] for immediate support.

5Is Kuickpay a regulated institutions?
Yes, Kuickpay is regulated by the State Bank of Pakistan and operates under the banner of 1Link.
6How secure is my money and data?
Kuickpay utilizes bank-level security. Your funds are not held by Kuickpay but are routed through 1Link to your approved bank account.
7What are the payment options provided by Kuickpay?
Our users can pay us through; all Mobile Banking Apps, Banks (Meezan, Habib Metropolitan Bank, Al Barka, and NRSP), TCS, Easy paisa, Jazz cash, and UBL Omni etc.
8Are there any costs related to Kuickpay?
There are no sign up costs, annual costs, and subscription costs for registering with us.
9How will I know I have a bill to view?
Kuickpay will notify you when you receive a new bill, usually through an email or SMS notification.
10Is Kuickpay safe?
The Kuickpay uploading process has security measures in place to ensure your bill is verified, and your personal information is kept safe. Kuickpay doesn’t receive any of your personal details or account details during the payment process.

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