Bill Payment

Kuickpay provides end to end bill payment, collection and settlement solution for business of all sizes and industry. 
with bill payment, customer can collect payments from all banks digital channel 

Mobile Banking, Internet Banking,ATM, OTC*


Bill Payment Modes 


Collect the payments via ATM , under the bill payment section

Mobile / Internet Banking 

Pay via 1link Bill payment on All Mobile and Internet Banking Channel


Collect payments from Banks OTC*, Easypaisa, Jazz Cash, UBL Omni Etc

Pay Online Prefix

  • Login to your internet/mobile banking app
  • Select pay bills
  • Tap on add payee
  • Select bill
  • Select voucher/invoice payment
  • Enter alias name
  • Add voucher/kuickpay ID (1000471234500000)
  • Tap on continue/type confirmation OTP
  • Select bill on add payee/cofirm details
  • Swipe to pay


  • Visit the nearest OTC payment channel
  • Inform the representative that you want to pay with kuickpay (under education)
  • Show bill/SMS with Kuickpay reference/consumer number
  • If asked, please fill the deposit slip with consumer number
  • Pay cash as requested by the representative

Pay with Invoice

  • Login to your internet/mobile banking app
  • Select payments
  • Tap on new payments
  • Search Kuickpay/select Kuickpay
  • Search other/ tap on other
  • Enter Kuickpay ID(1234500000)
  • Pay now

Signup your business with Kuickpay to fast track your payments.